The Byrd Trade is Merely the Start

Earlier this afternoon Marlon Byrd was traded to the Boston Red Sox for RP Michael Bowden and a PTBNL. This morning Ryan Dempster was placed on the DL with OF Tony Campana getting the call to the big leagues. Tomorrow Randy Wells will be called up with another unknown move being made to accomodate new pitcher Bowden.

With that, the flurry of moves have begun. However, this is merely the beginning of many moves that will be made this season. There are a couple moves that will surely be made, while others are still in the maybe stage. Here they are (these moves are NOT based on possible injuries, only on natural progression of players):

Moves That (Surely) Will Be Made

Trades: SP Ryan Dempster, C Geovany Soto

Call-ups: 1B Anthony Rizzo, CF Brett Jackson, C Wellington Castillo

Moves That Could Be Made

Trades: SP Matt Garza, LF Alfonso Soriano, RF David DeJesus, RP Carlos Marmol

Call-ups: 3B Josh Vitters, SS/3B Junior Lake, SP Trey McNutt

Theo & Jed have plenty of decision to make the next 3 months. These next 3 months will determine the direction of this teams future. Stay tuned because it will be interesting regardless which way they go.


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