Cespedes: Cubs Have Shown Most Interest

Translated from Dominican Republic newspaper Diario Libre:

Cuban slugger said Cespedes Yoenis attracted the attention of at least six major league teams, but none has shown much interest in hiring him as the Chicago Cubs.

“Of all the teams who have come, the one that has interested me has been the Chicago Cubs,” Cespedes said Monday at the Quisqueya Stadium, before the playoff game between the Tigers and the Cibao Eagles Licey.

Cespedes, 27, defected from Cuba six months ago, where he was part of the national baseball team. He led the Cuban league home run and there is speculation that it could receive more than $ 50 million once it comes to free agency in baseball.

At least 10 teams have seen more private shows in the Dominican Republic, where he has hosted since he defected in July.

Meanwhile, Céspedes has played four games with the Eagles and just 15 at-bats have connected an infield hit with five strikeouts for a .067 average.

The Cuban clarified that while the Cubs have been more active than others, does not mean he will sign with them.

“I’ve eaten a few times with them and talked a lot, but that does not mean it is safe for me to come to sign with them. I’m just telling it like it is, they have shown more interest than others,” said .

Were in the stadium on Monday Cubs executives, including director of operations in the country, José Serra.

Cespedes said recently that there are six teams interested in his services: the Cubs, White Sox, Tigers, Orioles, Marlins and Indians.

“We have not been offered because I’m still resolving my situation of Dominican residence, but with God before it will be soon,” he said.

The Cuban clarified that the bureaucratic process to obtain your residence permit in a country outside the United States and Cuba, one of the requirements for deserters from the Caribbean island, is almost solved.

As I mentioned earlier this winter, the Cubs will be heavily in on both the aforementioned Cespedes and fellow Cuban defector Jorge Soler when they settle residency issues. Do not be surprised to see the Cubs do their best to sign both players. Both outfielders fit directly into the Cubs plan that Epstein & Co. has implemented.


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