Pujols to the Marlins? Is This Really Happening?

A ton of reports have the Miami Marlins offering Albert Pujols a 10-year deal. The money is unknown but the Pujols camp is thought to be taking this offer very seriously. The Marlins will meet with Albert’s agent, Dan Lozano, very soon to talk about a possible no-trade clause for the first 5 years of the contract. After that, Pujols will have no trade rights via the 10-5 rule.

Some reports saying Pujols will not give the Cardinals a chance to match seem to be a lie. Jon Morosi is reporting that talks with Cardinals are “ongoing” right now but it is unknown if the Birds will match Marlins offer. Morosi also reports that the Cardinals have not ruled out making their own 10-year offer to Pujols, commenting that “it depends on the AAV.”

From what I’ve heard, this is expected to be settled by Wednesday night at the very latest. St. Louis’ offseason hangs on what Albert Pujols  decided to do, therefore they are asking for him to make a decision very soon.

Keep your eyes posted for more updates throughout the day.

3 Responses to “Pujols to the Marlins? Is This Really Happening?”
  1. \”The Marlins will bring in GOOD players and they will do GOOD next season\”. I said this before the Marlins signed anyone. NotSurprised

  2. Derrick Schnake says:

    Crazy news that sped up it seemed like in a matter of hours!!!!!

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