St. Louis Cardinals Fans – A View from a Stranded Cub

For those of you who haven’t grasped why I go by Stranded Cub, well, I’ll explain it to you.

It is pretty simple really. For most of my life, I have been surrounded by red. Living in Southern Illinois, I am constantly hassled and badgered by Cardinals fans every where I go. Over time, I have become numb to most of the teasing I get for being a Cubs fan. Nonetheless, I am, for the most part, alone.

Hence, the moniker – Stranded Cub.

During my time here, I have been “lucky” enough to get a better understanding of what Cardinals fans are like. Like any fan base, they are immensely diverse. Therefore, what I am about to say about Cardinals fans is MY experience with Cardinals fans. I am going to give you MY point of view on how the average Cardinals fan operates. Forewarning, I will have both good and bad things to say about the fan base. Sort of…

So one more time, what I am about to say doesn’t mean I am talking about YOU specifically.

How do I put this?…

Cardinals fans have no opinion. They simply blindly follow whatever road their team leads them down. They often leave all common sense behind and move forth swiftly into the crevices of John Mozeliak, Tony La Russa, and/or whomever’s posterior. They rarely think for themselves, only taking opinions from that of local media. This makes it near impossible to hold a intelligible conversation with them. When discussing a player, they forego statistical evidence in favor of bias emotion.

They are a naive and egotistical bunch, honestly believing that a Albert Pujols departure  will only affect them minimally, if at all. Those of my generation have been incredibly spoiled with 2 of the very best hitters of their generation in the form of the aforementioned Pujols, and the short lived single-season HR champ, Mark McGwire. They fail to understand that these players don’t come around very often.

I have little doubt that a good portion of them believe that Allen Craig and David Freese are the future of the St. Louis Cardinals. While both nice players, neither has near the ability to lead a team to the promise land. At 27, Craig will not get any better. He will be a career .280-.290 hitter with slightly above average power. Freese, 29 years old next season, is an injury prone slightly above average 3B who has yet to eclipse 10 HR’s as a major league player. His injuries have relegated him to a average at best defender at the hot corner.

My biggest beef with Cardinals fans, however, stems from their lack of enjoyment of the success of their own team. Instead, they tend to focus on the failures or lack of success (no, that isn’t the same thing) of other teams. They get more pleasure out of putting others down instead of celebrating their own well deserved achievements.

Their fan base is very old school and turns a blind eye to advanced statistics and sabermetrics. They genuinely believe that pitchers Wins and Losses are the be-all end-all. They stick to the belief that you should judge a player solely on AVG and HR’s. Their beliefs aren’t the problem though. The problem is their unwillingness to open themselves to the advancements in the game. Again, making it impossible to have any type of argument with them.

Yeah, I figured. Cardinals fans aren’t happy with my assessment of them.

The problem is, the problem isn’t Cardinals fans. The problem is baseball fans. You can go back and replace every “Cardinals” with “Cubs” and MOST of what was said will hold true.

Essentially, through living with and around Cardinals fans all my life, I have come to one conclusion. They are just like every other great fan base in sports. Believing in things that don’t make sense. Stubborn with their views due to their overwhelming loyalty and bias to their team. A feisty bunch that love to trash talk.

I hate every one of those things about them. However, there is one thing I that I do actually love about them…

I love to hate them.

I think this article may make the feeling mutual.


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